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Chinese Painting Correspondence Course


15 lessons to be approached approx. 1 per month. Course of 18-24 months, including holidays. Covering various aspects of Chinese painting practice complemented with theory.

Providing an introduction and understanding of this traditional art including Chinese calligraphy. A practical course to produce finished works. Suitable for beginners or adaptable for other art mediums e.g. pottery, porcelain, fabric.


2 books written by tutor- Essence of Chinese Painting-82pp full colour. Step by step instruction teaching manual. -Bamboo study book- 40pp. illustrative guide of this essential subject. 3 bamboo brushes-for all aspects of work. Ricepaper - for finished work.



Set of watercolours $10-$15 – scrapbook - both available from newsagents... 2 white saucers - water container.


First assignment sent consisting of step by step illustrated instructions in reference to teaching manual. On completion of practice, at students own pace. 1-2hrs 1-2 times per week is recommended. 4-6 examples of student’s exercises returned for assessment. These are corrected and advised upon and returned with next assignment and with any needed corrective exercises, the example sheets of each assignment are built into a portfolio for continual study. Queries and requests are encouraged. Individual requirements in subject matter or medium are catered for, as are left-handed students.


TUTOR- Stephen Cassettari - 25 years teaching adult education. 15 years teaching original correspondence course for Stotts Correspondence College. Author of over 15 books on various aspects of Chinese painting and poetry.


Section-1 - four seasons

1-introduction to bamboo brush -basic construction strokes -six principles 7th century criteria for evaluation

2-bamboo-summer-double colour loaded brush-stem techniques

3-orchid-spring-use of soft line-leaf techniques

4-plum blossom-winter-use of round line-branch techniques

5-chrysanthemum-autumn-use of teardrop stroke-flower construction techniques.

Section-2 - LANDSCAPE

6-trees-including classical leaf patterns,

7-willow, pine, bamboo.

8-rocks-use of hard line-dry brush-including classical-floating-mountain.

9-water-compositional use of-negative-space.

10-complete compositions-the 4 seasons in landscape painting- snow scenes.

Section-3 - flowers

11-camellia-futher development of flower techniques.

12-iris-introduction to ricepaper.

13-butterflies-host-guest compositional relationship.

14-birds-dynamic composition with previous painted flowers-revision.

15-australian flowers-traditional techniques used in native flora. wattle, gum blossom, native iris.

Chinese calligraphy characters will be introduced in each assignment as appropriate.




Private Tuition:
By Appointment - $30.00 per hour.

For information: Phone: 0413 570 190